Leonidas History

Since 1913
When young confectioner Leonidas Kestekidis participates as a member of the Greek-American delegation, in 1910 at the World Trade Fair in Belgium and in 1913 at the Ghent International Fair, he earns the bronze and the golden prize respectively for his famous chocolate sweets.

In his professional attitude, he adds his thrilling love for an exciting Belgian beauty and Leonidas is settling in Belgium for good. He then opens a tete-room in Brussels, Ghent and Blackknberg, giving the public the opportunity to enjoy his wonderful creations.

In 1935,
Vasilis, a nephew of Leonidas, undertakes the business and makes a trademark of the company the king of Sparta, Leonidas, honoring his uncle. In his personal lab at Marche Aux Grains, in Brussels, he creates many different types of pralines, having as a vision:


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